One of the most limiting factors in organizing chess events and clubs in the metro area has been finding affordable or free locations. If you know of a space that would potentially be a good location to hold chess tournaments or clubs, please submit it by clicking the button below. All suggestions are appreciated. Spaces that work best for tournaments are school cafeterias and gymnasiums, church gathering spaces, business meeting spaces, and school auditoriums. Ideally the location has two separate spaces. This allows a space for the tournament games and a space for parents, siblings, coaches, and players who are finished with their games to talk while waiting for the next round.

As Chess it up Iowa grows, new board members will be added to adopt and champion initiatives. If you have experience serving on a Non-Profit board or believe you would make a good leader for one of our programs, fill out an application below. The board will contact you as positions become available. 



Various opportunities to get involved in the chess community exist and anyone who has a desire to help can find a way that fits their schedule and the amount of time they have available. This is a great way to fulfill employer volunteer expectations. Of course, leading clubs full of excited children and directing scholastic tournaments are fantastic ways to volunteer. Other essential roles in fulfilling the organization's mission are the volunteers who are willing to assist with writing grants, web design, fundraising, running events, community outreach, and other administrative tasks. Every piece is important! If you are interested in helping make moves that matter in your community please fill out the application below. 




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